Project Overview

Damian Boggio


In 1999, Damian started to DJ and became and an organizer of Milongas. From 2000 until 2006 he has been DJing at the most prestigious and traditional Milongas of Buenos Aires, such as Salon Canning, La Nacional, El Beso, Porteño y Bailarin, C.I.T.A. 2002-2003-2004, The night of Carlos Gavito. In 2006 he started his own Milonga called “Mina Milonga“ at Parakultural in Salon Canning that take place on Tuesdays, with shows by the most famous tango couples and live music by excellent and well-known orchestras. Since 2004 he has been touring Europe’s most important tango festivals as a DJ, and from 2007 on he has even been invited to DJ at festivals and Milongas in Asia. He has formed his own tango orchestra, “LA TÌPICA MINA“, with which he has been on tour in Italy in 2009. In 2010 he continued his tour as a DJ around the tango festivals and Milongas of Europe.

In the beginning he used for DJing what he had on hand: Vinyl LPs owned by his parents and grandparents, cassettes and a few cds borrowed from friends. From 2002 on he changed to DJing with cds and mp3s only, ending up using his ipod as his favorite DJ tool, with which he had become familiar on tour. But for the reason of pure nostalgia, you will still find him from time to time playing some old vinyls at Salon Canning, just like ten years ago.

He has travelled the world as a DJ of Tango, giving classes and lectures on the music of Tango Argentino, developing his own approach for making his students appreciate the essence of Tango music. His tours have bought him to Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Russia, UK, the Netherlands, Spain, Poland, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong.