Project Overview



I have started to DJ by a lucky strike or let`s say – by a pure coincidence (we have found a great place for a local Milonga and I wanted to “play” Tango music the way I thought it would be right), but after a while I have tried to find some other reasons… as everyone`s Ego needs some deeper meaning, I convinced myself that Tango needed me in that moment.
To be more serious – Tango will live longer than any of us, but in this lifetime, I consider Tango DJ as sort of Medium between Tango music and Milongueros. My job, and a job of other DJ colleagues is not an easy one, it is responsible job, mix of rules and creativity. We are trying to be creative, as every good musician has some “tone” that makes him different, but not too creative. After years of learning about the rules of playing on Milongas (sort of “Codigo”), trying to make a difference when playing on a regular, Marathon or Festival Milongas, sleepless nights of listening Tango music and other DJs, wandering from strict rules to inevitable DJs child disease “let me put something you don’t know and it is beautiful”, it is inevitable to go more into Buenos Aires style.

We need to allow our selves that much honesty – DJs outside Argentina, did a great thing about “rediscovering” some great songs and paid much attention about quality of files they are using, but at the end, Tango is a cultural phenomenon that derives from Argentina, and we must respect that in a way of behaving on a Milonga, and that goes for DJing also. It is their music, their lyrics and we must think well why they love some songs very much or not… or why some songs are danced on for a very long time and why they will be danced forever…

Long live El Tango. We, the DJs are the channels for bringing pure Gold from Tango Angels such as Osvaldo Pugliese, Carlos Di Sarli, Anibal Troilo, Juan D`Arienzo to dancers. We are the connection, nothing more. But, it`s a kind of noble Mission.