Project Overview

Geff Kim Taehwan

South Korea

Geff is a popular tango dancer, teacher and DJ in Seoul.

He started his tango Journey since 2013 and the DJ journey soon after. With the endless passion for tango, he has quickly succeeded in both areas. He has won the 2016 IDO World Dance Cup Argentine Tango 3rd place in Milonga and 2nd place in Vals. In 2017 in the Hong Kong Argentine Tango Championship he won the 3rd place in Tango Salon, 2nd place in Milonga and the Champion in Vals.

In the recent 2017 Korea International Tango Championship, he has become the new Champion of the Tango de Pista category. With this great achievement, he is awarded a direct entry to the 2017 Mundial competition in Buenos Aires in August 2017. Geff has been DJing in several events and milonga in Seoul as Milonga Mint Opening. Regular DJ in Milonga La Serationina in El Tango, Tango School regular DJ. He also the regular DJ and the co-organizer of the popular Tango O Nada2 in Seoul.