Oxford Hotel is a favorite choice for tourists and business travelers and the most centralized accommodation for Singapore Tango Marathon participants.

Located in the heart of the city, it is close to major tourist attractions and the central business district.

Recently refurbished, this charming boutique hotel now sports a fresh, contemporary look and a bright, modern ambiance. What remains unchanged is our friendly, personalized service which makes our guests feel right at home.


The hotel is located beside Bras Brasah MRT Station, just 5 minutes walk to the night Milonga venue at National Museum of Singapore.

218 Queen Street, Singapore 188549


Terms and conditions

1. Strictly no walk-ins for the Singapore Tango Marathon. Registration at the door will not be entertained.

2. Registration is only confirmed after payment. As there is a limit to the number of participants at the marathon, the organisers will prioritise participants who have made payment.

3. The organisers reserve the right to terminate unpaid registrations at their sole discretion.

4. Registration is non-transferable.

5. The leaders who registered for the marathon, count towards the current gender ratio. Simply tagging to an existing leader registration will not help to balance the gender ratio. Therefore, we are unable to accept follower-only registrations using on this approach.

6. Participants who wish to register as a couple, must register together within the same day. Failure to do so, will be deemed as Single registration.

6. Refund/cancellation is only possible before 10 April 2020, with an administration fee of SGD 30.

7. Participants are requested to observe the traditions of a Milonga and practise good etiquette (floor navigation, acknowledging dancers before entering the ronda) on the dance floor. The Singapore Tango Marathon organisers reserves the right to eject participants who repeatedly fail to observe Tango etiquette. No refund will be provided.

8. The organisers reserve the right to terminate confirmed registrations at their sole discretion, with full refund issued.

9. The event is not opened to members of the public.

Tango Marathons are gaining popularity all over Asia. This year, Taipei will lead the charge with their Marathon in Feb, followed by Vietnam (in Danang) in March and then Singapore in April. In June, Bali will be organizing their first marathon and Hong Kong will close the year with their marathon in Sept/Oct.

Taipei Tango Marathon 2015, photograph by Geff Kim

Taipei Tango Marathon 2015, photograph by Geff Kim

What is the difference between a marathon and a festival?

Marathons do not have live music, they do not have shows. Drinks and often food too is included, and with dancing all day and night the atmosphere becomes very relaxed and social – people who go to many marathons see the same faces again and again so it’s a good way to make many international friends who share your love for tango.

Most marathons have a smaller number of guests than festivals and they are usually strictly balanced in gender, eg: 60 men, 60 women unlike festivals open to everyone and sometimes with a ratio of nearly twice the number of women to men.

Hong Kong Tango Marathon 2015, photography by Bonnie So

Hong Kong Tango Marathon 2015, photography by Bonnie So

Who is it for?
Originally Tango Marathons were just for advanced dancers who just wish to dance and were not interested in classes, shows and live music that you find at festivals, but with more and more marathons all over Europe, and the growing tango communities, the levels have become much more mixed in recent years. There is usually a limited number of people so there is more space to dance, and in general the dancers travel to them from many countries.

(Source: Milonga Ireland)

For us, a Tango marathon is about meeting new dancers from all over the world, building international friendships and focusing on creating that special connection between two people.

It is a way of bringing people together with one clear focus: pure dancing.

If you are interested in joining a Tango Marathon in 2016, contact the following organizers!

Taipei (24-27 Feb 2017)
Organizer: Lin Yutan y Lin Yuhsuan
Website: www.twtangomarathon.com

Danang, Vietnam (24-26 March 2017)
Organizer: Alice
Website: www.tangosalidadesol.com

Singapore (21 Apr – 23 Apr 2017)
Organizer: Tangopura (Contact: Chen Wei Li)
Website: www.sgtangomarathon.com

Bali (TBC)
Organizer: Ratih Soe Kosasie
Website: Coming soon

Hong Kong (29 Sept – 1 Oct 2017)
Organizer: Daisy Tsang

India (First week of April 2016)
Organizer: Kiran Sawhney
Website: www.delhimilonga.com/delhi-tango-marathon

Special thanks to Geff Kim and Bonnie So for their beautiful photographs of the respective marathons. Visit their albums to view more photos!