singapore tango marathon

(Article re-published with permission from Miles Tangos, “this is my opinion of how things should work, take it with a grain of salt.”)

She walks into the room, kisses and hugs her friends on her way to putting down her shoe bag, and then finding her seat to put on her shoes. She’s looking quite lovely tonight. It seems like she’s kissing and hugging everyone in the room for cryin’ out loud. Finally, she finds a half a chair at the crowded milonga tonight, and slips off her street shoes into what appear to be brand new Madame Pivots, all sparkly and shiny new. Just as she finishes her right shoe, she looks up and is immediately whisked away out of her chair by a favorite lead.

One tanda, two tandas, three tandas, she comes off the floor to get some water, and no sooner does her foot hit the carpet, when another lead takes her by the hand, and off they go. One tanda, two tandas, and off the floor to head for water, and a chair! She’s looking a little disheveled after that last leader. He was a bit rough on her, but she smiled through it, he had some nice qualities. She sits for the first time in 45 minutes, drinking her water, and finally catching up with a friend. Legs crossed, and eyeing the room, and avoiding it at the same time.

Gentlemen, how do you ask this follower for dance ?

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